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The Communispace Index is a series of infographics—released bi-monthly—that explores the mindset of consumers around current events and trends. Based on proprietary and client-sanctioned original research conducted in our private online communities, the Communispace Index provides a window into the consumer perspective.

Recently, I was asked to reflect on my role as a Community Manager and how my teams and I infuse the voice of the consumer into our clients’ business to impact their decision making. That’s a pretty big question. But the beauty of a Communispace community is that we provide a lot of answers to a variety of questions in a short period of time, or more specifically, 90 days. Looking across clients and teams, I realized how much we truly do as a company within that brief window that impacts both the day-to-day and long-term strategy of our clients.

So, rather than tell you (which I can’t – we Cspacers take confidentiality very seriously), I decided to show you. The infographic below is hypothetical (hypothetical CPG client, learning objectives and research plans) and shows the tangible ways we’ve been able to impact our clients and their agency partners in just 90 days or less.

From quick-turn disaster-check ad testing to longer-term exploratory work to uncover unmet needs, and finally, in-home use tests to determine what works, what could be improved, and potential messaging for a product formulation. We do it all – often simultaneously – so that within 90 days, our clients see impact.

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