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No Soup for You!

Betty Crocker and I broke up. It’s not me, it’s her.

Reminiscing over tuna-gone-bye, I decided to return to my roots in hope of recreating the very casserole which carried me through my youth. Betty Crocker, creator of my preferred childhood cuisine, had shunned the original instruction set in favor of a new format: one involving dry soup mix (a pre-processed soup mix).

Panicked, I phoned my mom who stopped at the site and confirmed my concern—this new recipe was some sort of genetic mutation. We spent the next 30 minutes working our way through the web in search of a second option sans dry and/or condensed soup.

  • 15 Recipes
  • 8 Independent food sites
  • 1 Recipe without a pre-processed package (introduced as the “healthy” incarnation)

The easy explanation: shameless self-promotion. Underlining the use of dry or condensed soup should send consumers to store shelves to grab your soup mix, right? Wrong. Betty didn’t beat the drum for a specific brand; she simply suggested a flavor, as was the case with six of eight sites.

Certainly, limiting the list of fresh foods involved in favor of a processed substitute would cut creation time; could it be my casserole was killed in the name of convenience?

In the quest to forge foods specifically for dropping prep time, allowing munchies to move from pantry to plate at the speed of light, have we lost recognition of the cooking class who enjoy taking their time?

Betty, along with her cooking comrades, have over-steered as they’ve changed course to keep up with consumers, leaving a significant segment on the side of the road. The power of a virtual recipe rolodex is infinite; why limit the lineup (and by extension appeal for a broader batch of chefs) when saving space isn’t an issue? Certainly there’s room for both the fast and the fresh—a dish to serve everyone.

Which reminds me, if you’ve crafted a crave-worthy casserole, give me a ring—I’m back on the market.

Game Gobblers and Vegetarians alike, the Friday Funk Machine wishes you the best in recognizing something to be truly thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving!

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