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Note from Your Customer

Hi. We’ve met before. Or, at least we tried. Was it in that dashboard? That report? I forget. I’m sure you did, too. Because I was just a percentage of “how likely I am to recommend you.” What I spent today. Or how many steps I took yesterday. All the things that you track about me to try understand who I am.

But none of that is the real me. It’s just data about me. A reflection of who you think I am. But, you know, there is more to me than that: the stuff that you can’t measure. Like the feeling I get when I find the perfect pair of jeans. And the frustration I feel when I don’t. What makes me smile. What draws me in. What pushes me away.

But, what if you really knew me? Think of all the possibilities. I would be loyal without the points. I would look forward to opening and reading your emails. I would create the hashtag campaign for you. And, I would be trusted by your team when I told them how to improve that product.

Here’s the deal. I’m unique and I know I’m complicated. But there is one thing you can know about me for sure. I want to make my life better for me and the ones I love. And, you have a role in that.

Honestly, I don’t want to be ripped off. I want the best experience, something that I am actually excited to share. I want to feel good about choosing you.

I know this all sounds complicated, but it’s the truth. I may be unique – as are all of your customers – but we all want this. So, why not start with me?

Once you start trying – and working with me – you’ll be amazed at how much I give back. Way more than you expected. I’ll be there for those tough decisions, for those times you need me the most.

Then, we can build a relationship and succeed together. And isn’t that what we both really want?

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