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Oh Baby

It seems like you can do almost anything from your smartphone these days; order a sleek new pair of jeans, video chat with your friend across town, book and unlock a Zipcar, find a nearby place to eat and even delivery a baby.

That’s right, deliver a baby.

A recent article on CNN caught my eye while I was doing my daily scan of all things social media. According to the article, a woman in Oklahoma used an app on her iPad to keep track of her contractions and seek advice while waiting to go to the hospital to deliver her baby. Once she was en route, the tech-savvy mom-to-be even posted pictures from inside her ambulance and, of course, of the baby boy once he was born.

I know that we are living in a digital world, and I am a digital girl (to somewhat quote Madonna), but this story really stuck out to me as a clear example of how far we have come. I’ve always considered myself to be pretty tech savvy. (I had mastered the art of “hunt and peck” typing at a young age.)  Even so, I can’t say I have ever considered using my smartphone for much more than keeping in touch with friends, finding a bite to eat and posting the occasional tweet. What do you think? Would you ever use your smartphone for something out of the ordinary?

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