Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag

Sundays had a standard start while I was in college: a brief banter with ‘Big T,’ the elder Prozeller, my father Todd. The conversation centered on a checklist—football winners of the week. Check. Review of books recently read. Check. Movie mentions. Check.

The subjects stayed topical, rarely veering into verified emotional discussions—throughout the years we dove deeper; at some point our exchanges meant something more. Slowly our Sunday sessions started to stray beyond the fifteen minute mark; over time the phone began to ring throughout the week. Somewhere along the way we switched from familial to fraternal.

Without knowing it I found myself seeking his sanguine advice on topics too tough for a kid in his twenties to tackle solo—where was my life going once school stopped; how do I handle heartbreak; what is the proper work/life balance?

Our relationship reached new heights, but not out of necessity or a paternal requirement, rather a respect rooted in common cause and care. The lesson is as poignant for people as it is for brands; intimacy isn’t automatic, even when connections are inherent. Relationships are born from the basic—only from a simple foundation can they build to something bigger.

To honor the man who taught me to pour the perfect Half & Half, this week we feature a little funk comprised of my father’s favorite, Eric Clapton, teamed with what I deem the best in beat, The Band. In the spirit of saluting the Pops side of our parental units, Happy Father’s Day to all!