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People talk, talk, talk! How KLM stays ‘In Touch’ with our customers

More and more people are using the internet for searching information about flights. Not only about prices, but also about the on board experience. Farecast tells you when to buy, Seatguru tells you which seat to pick and icheck-in checks you in. And frequent flyers share their experiences on Flyertalk. So they’re not only talking about you with friends and colleagues, but are spreading the word online. People are more and more willing to express themselves on the web.  We wanted to capture that rich dialogue.

With the existing, traditional tools we were not able to capture the opinion of these highly experienced travelers, who are remarkably involved with our brand. So we decided to make use of the new Web2.0 technologies that facilitate interaction. We gathered some of our most experienced customers, facilitated the discussion and hence the KLM ‘In Touch’ private online community was born. These customers are more than willing to share their insights with KLM—these are the customers that:

  • can offer ongoing feedback on existing products and services
  • are involved in developing new products and services at an early stage
  • and can enter into dialogue with KLM in an open and transparent manner

Together with our community members we have defined the specifications for our soon to be introduced new seating concept in the front section of our Economy Class.  Flyers can soon benefit from the feedback with additional legroom and more recline.

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