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Picking NCAA Brackets: A serious endeavor

As I write, we are one hour away from the beginning of the 2010 NCAA Tournament. I can feel my pulse rate increasing. I’m not a huge basketball fan (save a wicked crush on Kevin Garnett), but I love March Madness and I love the yearly ritual of filling out my brackets.

I like to get my brackets in early. I have a highly sophisticated system. I don’t do research and I don’t base my decision on team rank or recent performance. I go with a little algorithm I call, “Do I know anyone who went to that school?” (patent not pending). If I like the person who attended that school, I pick the team. If I don’t, I don’t. If there are two teams to which I have no “connection,” I pick at random. Unless, it’s Gonzaga; I almost always pick Gonzaga. Not sure why. I think I just like to say, “Gonzaga.”

I put my brackets in competition against some real serious sports fans and strategists. Am I worried? Nope. People have said that monkeys can pick stocks as well as some brokers. I don’t know if that’s true, but I know this monkey won 2nd place in her pool last year.

I have Ohio State winning it all. (Two of my favorite people in the whole world attended that school.)

So, how do you pick and who do you have winning???

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