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Please Don’t Invite Your Friends (or your Community Members)…

. . . unless you really know that they want it.

These days, when you get an email, it’s less likely to be the subject line than the name of the sender that will be the PRIMARY reason why you would (or would not) read your message.

Think about this in the context of much of what is happening online.

Companies, websites, Facebook applications…they all make it easy for you to invite your friends or share things with them.

Just because it is easy for you to upload 500 pictures from your vacation doesn’t mean I want to see them.

And, just because it is easy for you to invite all of your friends to your new Facebook group or cause, doesn’t mean that I want to join.

If it’s relevant, sure, invite your friends, but only if you KNOW that it is relevant.

Because if it isn’t, you are taking a big risk.

As my friend, David Berkowitz blogged,  “No, I Don’t Want to Join Your Group (Nor am I a Fan)”

And, if you look down below the group and cause invites that you receive on Facebook now, you’ll see the line that says “Ignore All Invites From This Friend.”cause-invitation

When someone clicks on that,  you become like Diana, the equivalent of a Facebook spammer.

For all intents and purposes, your ‘marketing messages’ just don’t exist.

You have lost relevance.

 You have lost permission.

And, particularly if you manage a community ( which according to Seth Godin is the future’s most valuable job), you don’t need me to tell you that you can’t afford to have that happen.

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