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Please Mr. Postman

Communispace is a company fundamentally founded on listening, and if I’ve heard it right, active listening requires reacting to what’s been said. So this week the bullhorn is being put down in favor of recapping a few of the righteous reads friends of Verbatim have been kind enough to kick over to me. Allow me if you will, to mail in this week’s post.

  • Think you’re familiar with the phrase: ‘if you think that,  you’ve got another thing coming’? Think again. It turns out ‘thing’ is actually ‘think’, as in you’ll have to re-think your original thought. This pondering was provided by Grady Ruster’s Dad – thanks for giving us something to think about.  
  • Vuvuzela’s stormed South Africa, but that was just the beginning of the buzz. The Florida Marlins tried a marketing gimmick in bringing them to baseball, and BP is about to be blasted by a picketing posse, but the most bizarre (and arguably best) use of the mighty musical instrument goes to YouTube for their introduction of the Vuvuzela button, a fancy functionality allowing viewers to add the call of the crowd to any clip. Cheers to Peter Chapin for providing the sound idea.
  • Why should Pampers consider promoting themselves roughly nine months after the World Cup? According to a little fertility factiva, Germany’s success in the 2006 World Cup led to a lot of scoring … and a baby boom. Thanks to D-Rom for delivering that little ditty. 

The fun exists beyond a few facts –  an encyclopedia is loaded with little bits, but it’s not necessarily entertainment – rather the real story is the sharing. People prompt conversation by piping info that inspires interaction. The ‘what’ is rarely as revealing as the ‘who.’ Learn to listen and you may just understand why.

The spirit of sharing continues in the form of this week’s fireworks designated by dame Fitz-Gerald; enjoy the fourth (and fifth) everyone.

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