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#PMRGCONNECT15: New Market Research Insights to Optimize Impact in Today’s Healthcare Landscape

The speed with which pharmaceutical market research is changing is directly tied to the speed with which technology is evolving.

No doubt this interdependency will be front and center at the upcoming Pharmaceutical Market Research Group’s (PMRG’s) 2015 Healthcare Marketing Researchers Connect.  The focus of #PMRGCONNECT15 is on “Next Level Thinking: Broaden Your Insights, Optimize Your Impact” – using new technologies and techniques to get closer to patients and healthcare professionals to understand their needs in order to meet them is going to be a big part of the conference.

To be a little self-serving, Diana Pohle, Sr. Manager, Market Research at Mallinckrodt, and I are thrilled to be showcasing some of the great work being done in a patient community to get closer to patients living with nephrology disorders (and we hope to see you at our session!).  Giving patients the ability to access this proprietary community at their convenience is yielding significant insights from this rare patient population.  This resource, using a myriad of imbedded and offline tools, allows for an ongoing, longitudinal connection across a variety of platforms. Patients can share their perspectives via mobile devices (smartphone or tablet), through traditional desktop/laptop computers, or even offline by directly connecting with dedicated community facilitators. Using a mix of tools to perform ethnographic work, explore the patient life journey, and co-create content, the community is revealing deep and actionable insights about patients’ mindset and attitudes, disease management behaviors, persistency and adherence challenges, educational needs, and more.

Communispace is often called upon to perform patient journey work to aid our clients in being more patient-centric and strategic in their decisions and actions.  An impressive array of thought leaders including Kathryn Jones from Novartis, Lisa Courtade from Merck, and Anjali Parulekar from Amgen, among others, will be on a discussion panel about using the patient journey as a strategic tool.  Can’t wait to hear what they have to say.

Another interesting presentation will be from Debanjali Mitra and Ani Chatterjee of Becton Dickinson along with Alex Zhu of SKIM – they will be talking about how they approached a market build exercise that included multiple regions.  This is always a challenge, so I look forward to learning more about their evidence-based approach.

There are many more exciting presentations that will be heard at National Harbor, MD, March 15-17th.  What I enjoy most about these conferences is the collaborative learning that takes place. It helps all of us get smarter to better serve our clients, patients, healthcare professionals, and all others in the symbiotic healthcare ecosystem. See you there, and feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn if you want to meet up at the event!

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