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Public vs. Private Social Networks: Understanding Participation and Engagement

Community openness and size play vital roles in the level of engagement and participation observed in branded social networks. New research by Communispace reveals the dynamics of participation and how to drive the most value out of online communities.

So, how are your “fans” treatin’ ya? Facebook claims to have over 500 million “active” users. No wonder so many brands have created Fan Pages to try to engage them. However, a recent study by Visibli found that for every 100,000 people who like a Fan Page, on average only 54 people will “Like” a given post on that page and only 9 will actually comment. A recent Razorfish study found that consumers do not view Facebook and Twitter as the ideal places for having conversations and building relationships with brands and a study released by iVillage that found that women, in particular, are “more inclined to have serious discussions on focused community sites than on venues like Facebook.”

These findings, along with those we uncovered in two studies of our own (click here and here), suggest that just because customers Like or Follow you, it doesn’t mean they want to actually talk to you on large social networking sites.

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