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Pull Back the Curtain

A lot can go into launching a successful campaign or product, including a lot of behind-the-scenes work. This week, we’re exploring how changing it can make all the difference.

Find out how Snapchat is wowing their consumers (and why) and how doing things differently might really pay off.

Snapchat filters: the engineering behind augmented-reality selfiesVox

Joss Fong walks us though the complexities of Snapchat filters. Why are they important, she says? “In a world flooded with advertisements, maybe the best hope that brands have is to put them on our faces”.

Your Next Pizza Could Be Made by a RobotAdAge

Robots are showing up everywhere these days: warehouses, driverless cars, and now pizza shops. Zume, a Mountain View pizza company, is trying to bring the efficiencies and profitability that many other companies have gained from such automation. Food trucks, for example, generally aren’t allowed to cook food on-the-go, but with the recent introduction of robots, this option might be possible.

The Ad Campaign that Convinced Americans to Pay for WaterPriceonomics

Jim Gaffigan’s standup routine on bottled water stems from the question many of us have had at least once: why am I paying for water? Well, he’s (partly) right! The inspiration leads back to a well-placed and perfect French “r”.

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