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Putting the Consumer First

We believe the consumer and consumer needs should be the focal point of every company. This week, we’re championing some of the newest (and coolest) innovations and ideas focused around the most important person in the world: the consumer.

From the perfect family bike to environmentally friendly packaging to an app for studying consumer behaviors — we’re happy to say that these companies are putting the consumer first. Dive on in!

This Minivan Of Bikes Was Designed For Soccer Moms, Fast Company

Is the time right for a bigger shift to family biking in the U.S. now that a quickly growing network of bike lanes has made it safer to ride in many cities? Taga USA thinks so! Take a look at how they’re tackling the consumer needs of the modern American family.

This Agency Made Edible Six-Pack Beer Rings to Feed Marine Life Instead of Killing It, AdWeek

Introducing innovation that’s cool and good for the environment. Too good to be true? Not for agency We Believers who tackled the consumer need for safer packaging and developed an edible six pack ring for Saltwater Brewery.

“For brands to be successful today, it is no longer about being the best in the world — but rather, being the best for the world and taking a real stance.”

This Mobile App Pays You for Your Selfies While Giving Custom Data to Brands, AdWeek

“Do you want to pay for a fresh box of golf balls or to get your nails done simply by doing what you are already doing all time?” If you answered yes, then you should take a look at Pay Your Selfie. The company that is pioneering a new way to collect data and learn from consumer habits.

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