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Qdoba or Barista: That is the question

If you walked into your office in the morning and were presented with a choice, a free coffee concoction made fresh by local barista or a free lunch catered by the Mexican aficionados at Qdoba, what would you choose?

I found myself in this very discussion (argument) with my cube neighbor who, for now, will remain nameless. For some background, Communispace provides free lunch on Thursdays in the summer and a free barista on Mondays in the winter. This all started because said cube neighbor commented that she wished we could have the barista back. While I agreed that it would be nice to have my coffee made fresh and free again, I would not trade for the likes of our most recent lunch spread, Qdoba. And so the debate began.

My view: Qdoba or bust

  1. Free lunch is more bang for your buck. I would normally spend $7-$10 on lunch versus $2-$3 for a morning coffee. It is simple math: now I can buy 2+ coffees tomorrow—should I please.
  2. It’s freakin’ Qdoba. Who doesn’t love making a super taco salad of Qdoba’s super salty chips, spicy chicken, creamy guac, cheese, lettuce, salsa and sour cream? It’s a bowl of magic awesomeness.
  3. Did I mention it’s Qdoba and that it’s awesome?

Her view: Coffee > Qdoba

  1. Mondays are rough—that’s a no-brainer.  But Mondays that start off with a delicious fresh brewed espresso drink of your choice?  For free?  Infinitely better!  Even non-coffee drinkers (a species I am alternately horrified and fascinated by) can enjoy steamed milk with vanilla, aromatic herbal teas, or decadent mocha concoctions. 
  2. The line is half the fun: you get to watch while the barista grinds fresh beans and pulls shots of espresso, and decide if you want almond roca syrup or a splash of rose water in your latte.  And it’s a chance to spend time in line with your coworkers and swap stories about your weekends before we all head to our desks to tackle our inboxes.
  3. It’s coffee, duh!

Clearly we are not going to decide this on our own. So tell me, which side are you on: free Qdoba or free Barista?

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