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Reflections on 5 Years

As I leave Communispace after five incredible years, I can hardly believe what we’ve accomplished in that time. When I joined, we were 50 people crammed into a small space, with our foosball table and beer fridge. Now we are over 300 people, global, still crammed but in a large space with multiple areas in which to interact and enjoy each other (and beer).

What was once an evangelical pitch about the need for companies to tap the voice of their customers through private online communities has become a “must have” for brands seeking game-changing insights that create impact.

Sigh. Our baby has grown up and she has hit the big time.

I am incredibly proud of this company – it’s grown so much. Our strong culture has endured, even though it has changed. Working here we have some of the most talented people that I have ever had the honor of knowing.

Phil Johnson, CEO of PJA Advertising & Marketing, wrote a post on AdAge last week about his management team. He called it a love letter; it was also a lesson in leadership. As I think about the officers that craft our strategy and about our fearless big cheese, Diane Hessan, I have similar feelings. We all play our roles – and our approaches are all very different, yet each one is successful. For me, that’s been the best lesson of all.

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