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Reflections on the High-Impact New Employee Award

Hearing my name called for the 2008 High-Impact New Employee Award has been one of the top highlights of my time here at Communispace. In my mind’s eye, I was making one of those faces that a stunned actor might make upon hearing his name announced at the Academy Awards as the camera pans in for a close-up.

While I was pleasantly surprised to win the award, Communispace makes it difficult not to be inspired and driven to succeed. As a new hire, you are immediately surrounded by friendly and helpful colleagues who are eager to show you the ropes of online communities. There are so many role-models to choose from: community glue gurus, insight-mining mavens, social-media savants, and so many more than I could possibly alliterate…

With Communispace poised to grow this year, and numerous new hires slated to come on board, I know they’ll have the same chance to learn from the rich buffet of knowledge and opportunities that this company offers.

And while the votes for the winner of the 2009 High-Impact New Employee Award are still being counted, I’d like to offer my congratulations to all of the 2009 new hires for joining this amazing company!

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