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Best Buy’s Retail Seasonality Discovery: It’s all about consumer behavior

This has been a peculiar winter in New England—on Saturday it was 59 degrees. Despite the unseasonably warm weather, all I wanted to do was stay close to home, make soup and look into what sort of marathon television opportunity Bravo had on offer. My own behavior in large part mirrors what Best Buy validated via an innovative research program in their Communispace community—seasonality in retail is largely about behavior and not about weather, location or calendar anchors. Customer behavior should then drive the retail calendar of marketing plans and offers.

This is not to say abandon Super Bowl or Back-to-School as there are events that are critical to the business of retail and planning for the obvious calendar events is a must. But what lies beyond key events such as back-to-school or holiday season?

By asking consumers to paint the picture of purchase events throughout the course of the year Best Buy has hardwired needs of shoppers into planning, messaging and merchandising and is able to meet their consumers where they want to be met. It is this research that Best Buy will share at the “Big Show” or the National Retail Federation Annual Convention in New York on January 15th – 18th. Click here for info and for a bundle of retail insights case studies. Best Buy will highlight the research methodology as well as the insight and action derived from truly listening to customers. If you won’t be at the Javitz Center, here’s what you should consider:

Customers are driving their own retail calendars, and behavior and shifts in buying habits provide more opportunity for brands to capitalize on key moments in their customers’ buying cycle.

Do you know what your customers are doing this winter—not just for the Super Bowl or Valentine’s Day, but beyond?

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