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Rockin’ The Road To Recovery

On the mend from minor modifications to my piggly wigglies, I found myself with a bit more time to troll through the land of the lost; so here’s a working week worth of web-surfing, boiled down to a daily delight:

Manic Monday? Looking to let-go of the weekend, a dash of Vitamin C may be just what the hangover ordered. Check out this fruit juice infusion, propelled by packaging sporting the look and feel of the fruit it contains.

Tuesday Tug-O-War: Gizmodo, our brother in blog, blessedly put an end to the ongoing Snuggie v. Slanket v. Freedom Blanket v. Blankboat debate. Spoiler alert: the Snuggie does not fare well.

Wet Your Wednesday: How do you promote your product, bridge a generation gap, collect user-generated content for a future ad campaign, all while promoting mustaches? The question has been answered by Canadian Club Whiskey in the form of “Damn Right Your Dad Hasn’t Told You Everything” photo contest. I’d be happy to share more, that is if I wasn’t too busy rummaging through the attic.

People as fleas

Thursday Tic: Saatchi & Saatchi scratched a need to help Frontline Flea & Tick Spray with the simple creation of a sticker. Best seen from the second floor (or higher), the massive floor magnet turns pedestrians into pests, leaving onlookers itching to help their four-legged friends.

Fantastic Friday Voyage: As previously reported on Verbatim, Fridays have a feel-good focus; so if you would, throw a hand in the air and dance, dance, dance. After all, tis’ the season for Peeps and Peanut Butter Eggs!

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