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Rudolph (You Don’t Have to Put on the Red Light)

Every year when December rolls around, I dig out the music and movies that I traditionally associate with this time of year. The Chieftains’ “The Bells of Dublin” album has long been my family’s Christmas go-to album, and I know that “A Christmas Story” is going to appear on TV, which always makes me want to buy that lamp. But, as I get older (wow, I hate typing that) I’m starting to form some new favorites to go with the holidays. And, I just came across a brilliant mashup of “Roxanne” by The Police (1978) and one of the most classic of Christmas movies, the stop-motion animation “Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer” (1964):

Perfect. I love that nobody thought of “red light” and “red nose” together until now. And, not to leave out my Jewish brethren, we have the perfect combination of Hanukkah, a cappella and Taio Cruz’s ubiquitous hit “Dynamite”:

I *might* have watched this clip every single day since it first came to my attention. So educational! Though I’m kind of jealous of their a cappella group’s production values – my college group recorded our tracks in some guy’s basement in the middle of Maine.

I think these clips have now become part of my “Oh, hey, it’s December, time to watch/listen to …” collection. Although, does this mean that instead of music and movies, all my future holiday favorites are going to be YouTube clips? I guess that’s a post for another day. And besides, brilliant as these videos are, I’m pretty sure I’m always going to love the Mariah Carey version of O Holy Night. Goosebumps, every time. The whole buildup is amazing but just skip to the 3:20 mark if you want to remember why Mariah is Kind of a Big Deal.

If you have any new holiday favorites, share ‘em here because I’m always collecting! I seem to have a conspicuous scarcity of Kwanzaa-related YouTube mashups, by the way.

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