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What Is Digital Safari? (Next Gen Market Research Toolbox, Pt. 2)

Learn how consumers shop, browse, and create

Digital Safari is a computer-based ethnography that allows companies to observe their customers (or prospective customers) as they use websites, apps, online stores, or other tools. It helps brands peer into the process that consumers go through, and ultimately improve or optimize their offerings, making them more intuitive, relevant, or effective.

We use screen recording software to capture members’ actions as they explore websites, browse for items online, or create a household budget.  In addition to capturing a short video of a member’s desktop activity, our members provide a voice-over narration of their thoughts and actions.

In market research, digital safari can be used to capture consumers’ reactions to dynamic websites, or anything taking place on the members’ desktop.

In online communities, digital safari can be used to:

  • Explore how members research a topic or product online
  • Help retailers research how consumers shop
  • Collect feedback on a redesigned website
  • Actively compare information architecture between several competitor websites (e.g. “Show us how you would find X information”)

If a picture is worth 1,000 words…

When presenting this tool to my colleagues and their clients, I find that it’s best to show a quick demo video from a member in one of our IdeaSpace communities, rather than yammer on about how cool it is.  So, turn up your volume and take a look:

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