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Size Matters

On my vacation last week, I stood at the Grand Canyon, in awe of its beauty and vastness, and listened to the other tourists.  Go on.  You know what they were all saying.

“Wow, this is so big that I feel insignificant,” exclaimed one mother to her children.
“Well, in case I thought that I was important, I suppose I need to reconsider;” said another.
“I am a mere flea, aren’t I?”, a man asked his wife.

The World Wide Web sometimes feels like the Grand Canyon: infinite information, billions of people, vast numbers of transactions.  It’s a beautiful thing, but it’s enough to make a person feel insignificant.

That’s where community comes in.

A community of people can ride a raft together and make the Grand Canyon feel smaller, and it’s the same on the internet.

An online community – done well — engages people, creates intimacy, and makes them feel important.  And, when you show people that they matter, wondrous things can happen.

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