Snow Days Aren’t What They Used to Be

After the colossal dumping (aka blizzard) Boston received this week, I was reminded of something: snow days aren’t what they used to be.

When I was a kid, snow days were the best thing, ever. With a snow day, the possibilities for fun were endless: cartoons/awesome daytime TV, sledding, snowball fights, snow forts, snowmen and so much more. Snow days were (and are) every kid’s dream.

I remember any time the weatherman even hinted that there might be some of that white fluffy stuff sticking to the ground, I would immediately begin to think, “What if …?” What if we got enough snow for a one-hour delay? What if we got enough snow to have a two-hour delay? Or, what if we got enough snow for a snow day!? Of course, more often than not, I would wake up the following morning to find an inch or less of snow on the ground; but, that never stopped me from wishing.

These days, I still love snow — I’m a skier — but it’s just not the same. This past Wednesday, we had, for all intents and purposes, a snow day. For a brief (and fleeting) moment, I had the excitement of a teenager: I wouldn’t have to go into work and we had nearly two feet of snow! Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before I realized that, while I didn’t have to drive to work, I still had to do work (the joys of working from home on a laptop). Add to that the hours and hours of backbreaking shoveling and my day looked like a lot less fun.

So much for the exciting snow days of years past and hello to the (literally) cold reality. Snow days just aren’t what they used to be.