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Social Good

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Last week, I decided to tune in to a webinar sponsored by my good old alma mater. The session was called “Top 10 Tips for Social Media Engagement.” So, naturally, as one of your favorite Social Media Monday Mavens, I decided I had to check it out. The webinar was hosted by Adam Hirsch, the COO of Mashable, a website devoted to all things social media. While exploring the site, I was struck by their latest addition—a section called “social good.” This page contains a number of videos and articles on ways that social good is happening through social media. From texting donations, to watching the new series of viral videos at “It Gets Better“, to—my personal favorite—a series of video clips and commercials from the cast of Glee, it’s never been easier to get involved in social good.

While I think wider recognition for charities and positive social causes is a great thing, it makes me wonder about how the landscape of giving has changed. With the holiday season fast approaching, there used to be a number of people turning toward soup kitchens and Salvation Army bell-ringers. However, now that we have the ability to sit on our couch and send a text to the charity of choice, how will the face of social good change?

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