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Status Update on the “American Dream”

For the last year or so, one topic that has gotten a lot of press in the wake of the housing crisis has been the shake-up of the “American Dream.” There was a segment on NPR last spring that interviewed “strategic renters,” which included one couple who rented their family home for 40 years so that they would have money to take exotic vacations, as well as some young up-and-coming types who could afford to buy but didn’t want to be tethered to a mortgage, just in case their dream job popped up across the country.

At the same time, anecdotally, so many people I know don’t seem motivated by the same things, especially when it comes to work. One friend left a solid job in finance to pursue her dream of becoming a personal chef. My own dad, who is maybe the hardest-working person on the planet, recently turned down some amazing opportunities to … wait for it … enjoy retirement (and he looks and feels the best he ever has – love you, Dad!).

I know that change happens slowly and I find this shifting American Dream fascinating, whatever it is. A few months back, the IdeaSpace team of rock star facilitators (IdeaSpaces are Communispace-owned Men’s, Women’s and Youth communities) asked members what they thought about the status of the American Dream, and what their American Dream looks like. Their responses are captured in a video that we shared back with our members, and quite frankly, it makes me giddy. Check it out!

So, what does your version of the American Dream look like, these days?

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