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Take time to celebrate. It’s good for you.

“Awards are so unnecessary because I think we get so much out of our work just by doing it. The work is a reward in itself.”
– Natalie Portman

Much as that may be true, most of us don’t earn a living playing Mathilda in Léon, Evie in V for Vendetta, or a princess in those Star Wars films we don’t talk about. Sorry, Nat, but sometimes it’s really nice to get recognition.

Plus, there are demonstrable psychological benefits. Because, science.

To wit: a 2010 study called Tactile Communication, Cooperation, and Performance: An Ethological Study of the NBA by three UC Berkeley psychologists, Michael Kraus, Cassy Huang, and Dacher Keltner. For the study, they watched videos of two seasons of NBA games (2008-2009), looking out for teams that physically celebrated mid-game (think fist bumps, high fives, chest bumps, leaping shoulder bumps, chest punches, head slaps, head grabs, low fives, high tens, half hugs, and team huddles). The team coded teams on the extent they celebrated, then compared that to late-season performance. Potentially influencing factors, like player status, salary, preseason expectations and actual match performance early on in the season, were removed.

The results were (bizarrely) clear: you can predict later season cooperation performance by the amount teams celebrate physically early on in the season, regardless of actual game performance.

So, taking that advice on board … we’re delighted to announce a little high five of our own. We are finalists in five categories in the MRS Awards 2015. So far, we’re finalists in more categories than any other agency. We’re also five for five, having been shortlisted in every single category we entered, which are:

  • Research-live Award for Best Agency with a turnover above £20 million
  • MRS Award for Financial Services Research (The ZCom Community for Zurich)
  • Research-live Award for Client Impact of the Year (UK election research and strategy with Twitter)
  • MRS/BIG Award for Business-to-Business Research (Aviva Insurance SME Innovation)
  • AQR Prosper Riley-Smith Qualitative Excellence Award (Dr. Nick Coates and Aviva Insurance SME Innovation)

We find out if we win on the 7th December, so mark your calendars! Regardless of whether we win or not, though, we are truly honoured and proud. So congratulations to all our fantastic staff and clients for all the amazing work that makes this possible.

These MRS Awards are a true testament to the power of Customer Inspired Growth and how it can transform business for the 21st century.

Now go and fist-bump a colleague. You’ll thank me later in the season.

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