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Consumers Debate Technology: The good, the bad, the inevitable …

Last week we launched our newest research paper, Tech Fast Forward: Plug in to See the Brighter Side of Life.  Conducted in partnership with Ogilvy Chicago, our premise was that “tech fast forward” kids and their parents—those consumers who tend to adopt and use more sophisticated technology than the average person—could serve as a leading indicator of where all Americans are eventually headed as a society; a crystal ball to reveal—or at least give us a hint about—how our values, aspirations, and behaviours are evolving.  Graceann Bennett and I recently presented some highlights from this research, where we discuss insights gleaned from over 1200 national representative consumers and implications for brands.

We framed according to the key debates we heard Americans discussing, themselves: Is technology eroding or strengthening family values?  Is it overwhelming or simplifying our lives?  Is it making us smarter or stupider?  Is it making us safer or more vulnerable?

These are the kinds of questions we ask ourselves every day; but our findings suggest that those who are embracing technology and adopting it ahead of the curve see the positive side of these debates and more.  If you want to learn more, please read the paper; and ask yourself, where would you weigh in?

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