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Life in the Digital Culture

Today, when most people are never further than an arm’s length away from their smartphones, it’s no surprise digital culture is constantly top of mind. We think about it not just because we want to see the latest picture of our best friend’s dog, but also because we want to understand how our time spent using devices affects our physical, mental, emotional lives. As much as we are curious to learn about this relationship, companies want to know more about this as well. Every time they use that information and come up with a new way to engage us, the cycle repeats itself. And that’s why we’ll keep on talking about it.

Stop telling us to switch off – we live in digital culture now, The Guardian

When limiting smartphone usage is the subject of a new law, it’s clear that connectivity is at an all-time high. Is constant connection such a bad thing?

Why Snapchat and smartphone beauty filters need a culturally inclusive update, Mashable

Continuous use of Snapchat and its filters has influenced the way we project ourselves externally and even how we view ourselves. What other ways is technology changing the way we see ourselves?

With N.F.L. Deal, Twitter Live-Streams Its Ambitions, New York Times

In an effort to keep people connected, and keep advertisers coming, Twitter has signed a deal to live-stream football games this fall. Will this partnership once again change the way digital interactions look?

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