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That Special Time of the Year

Ah, yes, the holidays are upon us. And that can only mean one thing: it’s time for office holiday parties!

Are you excited? I sure am. What’s not to love about free food, free drinks, good cheer and spending time with colleagues? Of course, there’s always some drama. You know – that incident (or person) that everyone is talking about the next day at the office. Well, I decided I want play it safe this year, so I consulted the best the Internet has to offer on proper etiquette for office holiday parties.

Here’s what I learned:

About.com goes straight to the point and suggests avoiding excessive drinking, excessive complaining, excessive absence, excessive attire, excessive guests and excessive personal time with another coworker. It also recommends preventing excessive talking by limiting conversations to five minutes. I guess that means I’ll be bringing my handy stopwatch. Sorry colleagues, once the bell goes “ding” you’re getting “nexted.”

QuintCareers.com offers a list of Do’s and Don’ts that was developed by a Ph. D. Here, I was really disappointed to see that bringing a lampshade for your boss is now frowned upon. As Dr. Hansen writes, “Don’t bring the party lampshade, gag gifts for the boss, or any other crazy stuff you might do at a personal holiday party.” I miss the good ‘ole days when lampshades were cool.

CBSNews.com put together a nice little Q&A. Thankfully they answer my question of what to say if a colleague is double dipping in the guacamole. CBSNews.com suggests to “Tell them ‘the one thing your mother constantly harangued you about that did stick was the fact that no one needs to ingest your germs any more than you need to ingest theirs, so adhere to Mom’s one swoop per chip rule.’ Or you can say to say to them, ‘This really isn’t hygienic, would you mind not double dipping; you may do it at home, but could you not do it here.'” Right, I’ll just inform my coworker that her parents failed to teach her etiquette. I’m sure that will go over well.

Hopefully these tips will grant me safe passage as I venture out to this year’s Communispace Holiday Soiree at Hotel Marlowe.

Before I go, I thought it would be fun to hear about some of your favorite holiday party moments – good or bad. So post a comment and share your story!

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