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The Automotive Industry: Innovating the Sleeping Giant

Either you are “in” or you are “out.” That’s what it’s all about in today’s society. And in order to be “in,” you have to keep up with the two major trends of being both (1) connected and (2) engaged with growing consumer electronics innovations.

It’s hard to imagine where we would be today if it weren’t for the connectivity social media provides friends, family, and colleagues alike. Even just as momentous is the continuation of significant innovations in the consumer electronics industry, as evidenced by the popularity of the iPod and iPhone.

Married together, these two trends of staying connected through portable devices have presented the automotive industry with a huge opportunity to provide consumers with high-tech innovation they haven’t seen from the industry in years.

Envision your automobile providing seamless, hands-free connections to your favorite social media sites, while tapping into applications relevant to your car and your commute. This is the type of technology that will keep people “in” and ahead of the trends, instead of “out” and behind the times. This is the type of technological integration that can be the next wave of innovation, waking the sleeping giant that is the automotive industry.

Hughes Telematics, Inc. has an active online Communispace community to learn first-hand about consumer preferences and experiences. The community helps us create exciting in-vehicle services tailored to meet the growing technology needs of drivers. As we move towards the November launch of our new product, Communispace proves to be invaluable in helping us bring innovation to a sleeping auto industry.

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