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The “Cool New Thing”

As the pressure to innovate continues to grow, it is more important than ever that companies keep their consumers at the center of all new innovations – otherwise they risk alienating the very people who purchase their products and services because they’ve chosen to go with the “cool new thing,” rather than “the cool new thing that works.”

Keep reading for a few examples of companies on both sides of consumer-centric innovation.

The cool new thing that works: Designing programs to help parents feel more comfortable while traveling

Plane and SimpleCassandra

Traveling is stressful. Traveling as a parent is even more stressful. Check out what three airlines are doing to make traveling easier for modern moms and dads, while also benefiting the rest of their passengers.

The cool new thing that works: Teaching young kids to work with tech, not be addicted to it

This Programmable, Wearable Toy Will Get Kids Thinking Creatively About TechnologyFast Company

We’ve all heard it before; today’s kids are addicted to technology. But do they all know how it actually works? Follow the link to check out a new product designed to satisfy kid’s desire to play with technology while also teaching them how to build with it, and make something of their own.

The cool new thing (that doesn’t work): Phasing out the headphone jack on the iPhone

Taking the headphone jack off phones is user-hostile and stupidThe Verge

Apple, a brand known for innovation, doesn’t seem to be listening to their consumers. Rumors are circulating that the new iPhone will no longer have a headphone jack requiring listeners to purchase new headphones that could be plugged into the charging port. As you can imagine, consumers aren’t thrilled. Click the link for a list of reasons why innovation can have a downside when the consumer experience is overlooked and undervalued.

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