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The End of a Decade

Overall 2010 was an interesting year—from people showing their support for Coco and Betty White stealing everyone’s hearts to the BP oil spill and a more recent leak that set the world abuzz. But what about all that’s happened in the last decade?

Some say the decade ended last year (2000-2009 being ten years) but my kindergarten teacher didn’t teach me to count starting with zero, so in my mind the decade ends this year.

While a lot has happened in the last ten years, I immediately thought about the changes in the ways in which we communicate and the technology that evolved along with it.

  • Facebook. Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg (and Co.), I no longer have to leave my apartment to communicate with my friends down the street or half way across the globe. I now can feel validated when my friends “like” my pithy status or funny link. Oh and let’s not forget that it’s also changed the way marketers market (but that’s another post for another time).
  • We got i’s! iPods, iPhones, iTunes and iPads (oh my!). It happened in a blink of an eye; all of a sudden people were tossing CDs for MP3’s thanks to the iPod—an easy way to keep your music with you at all times. Then, with the advent of the iPhone, having the internet in your pocket was no longer a privilege of the Blackberried business people. And before long everyone was talking about the latest apps (which I’ll remind you back in the 90’s meant “appetizers”…)
  • And then there’s YouTube. Who knew you could spend hours each day watching Charlie bite his older brother or a talking shell with shoes sharing its life story? Even Justin Bieber was discovered on YouTube! YouTube has this magical way of turning ordinary people/ideas into Internet sensations or in the case of Justin Bieber, multi-national pop stars.
  • Finally, Twitter. People tweet regularly now—even a few times a day! (Minor aside: Imagine if people literally tweeted…) Now, we can all easily indulge our need to know before anyone else while simultaneously encouraging our collective ADD to keep up with tweets. Oh and of course, it forces us to be concise in 140 characters or less #harderthanyouthink. Besides, how else would we have connected directly with the “Old Spice Guy” via @oldspice.

So I can’t help but ask: What will you remember most from the last decade?

And of course happy New Year and happy decade! I can’t wait to see what the teen years bring us…

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