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The Essential Six: The ARF Re:Think 2015 Sessions I’m Most Excited About

Our world is fast-paced, interconnected, and in constant flux. And customers have adapted and are in control. As a result, some business leaders have realized that they must fundamentally change the way they work with the people they serve to keep pace.

But the smartest leaders do it to stay ahead of change. To grow business confidently and with purpose, these leaders draw inspiration from customers, drive innovation using their ideas, and infuse a genuinely empathetic customer-centric mindset into every function and department of the organization.

That is why I am thrilled to be attending ARF Re:Think 2015 in New York City on March 16-18th. I look forward to hearing from research and insights leaders at some of the world’s biggest and brightest brands who are preparing for the future with their customers, not just for them.

Here are my “Essential Six” ARF Re:Think sessions that I can’t wait to attend.

1. Marketing Insights: Are We Ready for Tomorrow?

Stan Sthanunathan – SVP, Consumer Marketing Insights, Unilever

Keith Weed – Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Unilever

2. Light & Fit Sheds Its Ego to Revive Its Brand

Olesya Govorun, Ph.D. – Director, Strategy & Insights, Dannon

Holly Rozelle – Associate Manager, Strategy & Insights, Dannon

3. Walmart Story: Real Rural Shoppers, Real Stories, Real Impact

Jody Ayers – Sr. Director Global Customer Insights & Analytics, Walmart

David Guenthner – Sr. Director Global Customer Insight & Analytics, Walmart

4. Beyond the Buzz: Meaningful Metrics for Branded Content

Maureen Dawson – Associate Director, Consumer Analytics & Research, Insights, AOL

Matthew Sharp – Associate Director, Consumer Analytics & Research, AOL

5. Reinventing Insights & Analytics

Jeffrey Graham – Director, Global Ad Research, Twitter

6. Framing Consumer Insights: Values, Voices and Needs

Vicki Draper – Director, Consumer Analytics & Research, AOL

As customers increasingly demand that companies’ products and services meet their needs, market research and insights leaders are in the perfect position to effect customer-inspired change throughout their companies. They have the know-how, the resources, and the experience to influence – to prove that market research is no longer just a cost of doing business, it’s actually the most important (and measurable) investment a company can make.

I’m excited to hear how these six brands are designing customers into their organizations to get faster and deeper insights, inform strategy, guide new product and service development, and create truly customer-centric cultures.

I hope to see many of you on March 16-18th at the conference, and feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn if you want to meet up there!

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