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The Me Networks

To paraphrase Billy Idol, I’ve been “social networking with myself.”  It’s not as dirty as it sounds, I promise.

Forget therapy.  So long, self-help books.  I’ve got two online sources that will put you back in touch with YOU.

I give you:

FutureMe.org.  Now you can send yourself emails in the future.  Need to psych yourself up for that big presentation next quarter?  Send yourself a pep talk to arrive the day of.  Need to change your diet, but don’t think you’ll stick with it?  Send periodic emails that will arrive every New Year’s Day for the next five years.  Note however, you can also send future emails to other people.  Approach with caution lest you end up like a favorite co-worker whose ex-boyfriend recently received an email she sent him SEVEN YEARS AGO via FutureMe.org. (Gulp.)

And if email isn’t enough…how about creating a better version of you with whom you can speak and interact?

I humbly offer:

LifeNaut.com. Through uploaded pictures and information you can create an avatar that can interact with you, and better yet, your loved ones long after you’ve shuffled off your mortal coil.  Sure, the goal is to create an accurate facsimile, but are you going to upload that elementary school report card displaying your “unsatisfactory” in chorus or that unfortunate school photo with the bi-level perm and one hoop earring from 1985? (I may have revealed too much.) No, you’re going to populate that avatar with documentation of your beauty, talent and smarts.

Of course, there are multitudes of ways to use these sites.  But for me, I’m “friending” myself, hedging my bets and choosing online self-creation over online self-actualization.  Let’s be honest, future imperfection is so 2009.

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