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The New “Night Out” is In

Why go through trouble of trekking out to that new restaurant when you can get Seamless (or Blue Apron, if you’re feeling ambitious) delivered right to your door? Why pay $12.50 to see a movie when you have unlimited premium content to binge watch from your couch? And why would you ever risk approaching an attractive stranger at a coffee shop when swiping right is so much safer?

More and more experiences of a traditional night out are being modified so that we can enjoy them from the safety and comfort of our own homes. This week, we take a look at why consumers are actually Netflix and chillin’ and what this means for brands.

Is staying in the new going out?, The New York Times

Staying in helps us avoid disappointment. We’ll stay safe, our expectations will be met, and the worst thing that can happen is “our delivery fries are soggy and our premium cable TV episode is a B+.” Going out is much riskier, however, the payoff is much higher. This article explores how millennials are weighing the pros and cons of their nightly options.

Facebook’s vision for the year 2026 is scary and awesome, Business Insider

Facebook’s mission is all about bringing people together, but their plan for bringing people together in the year 2026 might surprise you…or freak you out. If Facebook’s vision comes to life, it will “let us talk and interact with anybody on earth as if they’re in the same room as us.” Check this article out to learn more about how one day you can throw a virtual party from your couch.

It’s dinner in a box. But are meal delivery kits cooking?, The New York Times

Meal kit companies like Blue Apron don’t just offer their customer a meal. It’s also an experience and a cooking lesson, without even stepping outside their front door. The meal kit market could grow as much as $5 billion over the next decade and is fundamentally changing how people cook and eat. Read this article to learn more about the rising trend.

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