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The Power of Consumer Participation: Introducing Hatch by C Space

By now we’ve all read about how very empowered we are as consumers. About much choice we have. How many options there are for us to get what we need or want. Platforms like Twitter, Yelp, Amazon, and Facebook allow us to voice our opinions easily, directly, and in real-time to companies. In some cases, our opinions about brands are so universal that they go viral.

But what really fuels consumer empowerment? Is it the ubiquity of technology? The limitless reach of social media? The abundance of all that choice? These all play into it; but what really motivates people to take action is the same thing that consumers have been trying to do since, well, they started to consume: They want to help improve the products they buy, the services they receive, and the experiences they enjoy.

Consumers also want to know they’re being heard — and that brands aren’t just listening or paying lip service, they’re actually doing something about it. Which, even in this age of consumer empowerment, is not always the case. Consider what Brandwatch found last year: the majority of retailers “are not adequately listening and responding to their audiences” when it comes to customer comments and mentions on Facebook and Twitter.

It’s hard to fault brands completely for this. After all, social media is a crowded space that’s more about finding macro trends around consumer sentiment than empowering individual people to participate in making brands better. Because being empowered is about participating, not complaining. And provoking meaningful change requires caring enough take action.

I’m therefore delighted to introduce Hatch by C Space, a mobile app that connects people and brands to create products that make our lives better. And we welcome you to start participating right now!

Hatch activities let all of us, as consumers, to show our creativity. Take a picture or upload a video to share your story. Give feedback on the things brands want to know about, right from the palm of your hand. Brands are there, they’re listening, and they’re ready to start making products, services, and experiences better for you.

Getting started is easy. Just download the Hatch app for Apple or Android, then tell us a little about yourself so that we can match you up with the brands that need to hear from you.

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