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The Sweet Slip

Regardless of your registration status, revelers on the ‘Right’ and lovers of the ‘Left’ alike, whether you thought it was the medicine we need or cause enough to make you sick, we can all agree, Healthcare Reform is a big f–king deal.

In his Tuesday preamble presenting the President for a symbolic signing before a group of supporters and media moguls, Vice President Joe Biden praised Obama’s “perseverance” and “clarity of purpose” then saluted the would-be-signer with a smile, and as an aside added, “This is a big f–king deal!”

It’s hard to disagree with the declaration, after all, it’s not a little f–king deal; but should Biden be busted for malpractice?

True, the cuss, caught with an open-microphone, was spouted in the historic East Room of the White House in front of an audience sporting formal wear, which is nothing to sneeze at, but isn’t it just another in a growing line of Biden-isms? The White House wasn’t too worried; shortly after the ceremony, White House Press Secretary used his Twitter feed to leverage levity: “And yes Mr. Vice President, you’re right.”

The unexpected eavesdropping revealed the real Biden, in that instant of intimate repartee we were treated to an x-ray which went beyond the polished pseudo-version the White House staff has created in their PR labs. It was genuine; it was Biden.

The brief banter features a fine lesson: the best stuff comes from listening in on exclusive exchanges, allowing you to catch the moments you least expect. As children we’re taught not to snoop, but as marketers, placing a proverbial stethoscope on your customers can be as revealing as a hospital gown.

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