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The Tech Industry…And Beyond!

Everyone’s always buzzing about the technology industry and where it’s headed. Don’t get me wrong, its exciting stuff…but you know what else is exciting? How the technology industry is transforming other industries – that might even seem totally unrelated. In fact, you can thank the tech industry for cheaper, higher quality shaving equipment. And that affordable revolutionary mattress that can now be shipped right to your door? Yep, you can thank the tech industry for that too. How is it all connected? Read more to find out.

How Companies Like Dollar Shave Club are Reshaping the Retail Landscape, New York Times

Last week, Dollar Shave Club was acquired by Unilever for $1 billion. The company can thank social media for its instant brand recognition – hilarious online ads were posted and passed along far more quickly and cheaply than traditional mediums. Online distribution has also helped the company get products to its consumers efficiently, without paying for a retail presence.

How Mattress Startup Casper Is Trying to Become the Amazon for All Things Sleep, Fortune

Casper is frequently hailed as the high-tech innovator that has disrupted the $14 billion mattress industry. By selling directly to consumers online (rather than through a middleman like Serta, Sealy, Simmons, etc.) the company is able to create a connection with customers that allows it to test and develop new products. CEO Phillip Krim shared the company’s plan to expand “If [it] touches sleep, whether it’s tracking sleep or whatever it may be, it’s something we’re interested in.”

This Serial Entrepreneur Just Hacked Parentings Biggest Headache, Observer 

The wife CEO and founder of Warby Parker is taking inspiration from the online subscription business model to solve a huge annoyance for parents everywhere with her new startup Rockets of Awesome. Most parents feel like they’re constantly shopping for their toddler and young children – their constantly outgrowing or wearing down their clothing. Now, all parents have to do is create an online style and sizing profile for their children, and Rockets of Awesome will deliver a package of 12 items for children to try on four times a year.

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