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The Ultimate Ride: China’s Theme Park Race

From “Hello Kitty Park” and “Shanghai Disneyland”, to “Dalian Discoveryland Kingdom” to “Cultural Tourism City”, the race is on to build China’s preeminent Theme Park.

China’s Booming Theme Parks, CRIEnglish

With Chinese consumers’ growing disposable income, developers looked around at all the attractions that were taking Chinese tourists abroad in record numbers and started work on their endeavors to satisfy the cravings at home instead, and thus the theme park race began.

Wanda Chairman Wang: Disney “Shouldn’t Have Entered China”, THR

Mainland China’s first Disneyland is about to open and Wang Jianlin, Chairman of the Wanda conglomerate (who have 15-20 amusement parks opening in the near future), has some fighting words for Mickey. While Wang touted the sheer scale of their enterprise compared to Disney’s one park, there is something to be said about customer experience.

Shanghai issues etiquette guide for Disneyland visitors, CNN

Despite all the shows of hardware (big rides and attractions), soft skills and service elements may be what win at the end of the day. After early reports came in of soft-opening visitors littering and walking on the grass at Shanghai Disneyland, steps were immediately taken to ensure a great experience befitting of the Disney brand.

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