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Coffee, Crumpets and Communispace: A tour of our new London office

One Boston Cspacer flies 3,000 miles to get the scoop on our new Promise Communispace London office

Not too long ago, I found myself squeezed into the middle seat of the world’s largest passenger airline, an Airbus A380, bound for the UK and unexpectedly juggling my neighbor’s airplane-sized Coke can, Kindle, reading glasses and Communispace laptop. I can’t begin to describe how much excitement there is in the Communispace Boston office about the new Promise Communispace office at 76-80 Whitfield Street in the heart of London … or how perturbed I was to find myself in this rather unexpected aircraft seating situation. But, given all the buzz and wanting to see for myself our recently enhanced Communispace co-creation powerhouse in action, I booked a little detour via our posh new office digs in the previous Olympics’ host city; with coffee and crumpets in hand, I found myself on the doorstep of our new London office.

Newsflash: our London office is cool. I feel like everyone who visits our Boston office and gets a tour of our new video booth (yup, we now shoot and edit videos right onsite, sometimes in a matter of minutes!), Fenway Park cafeteria, free coffee machines, foosball table and the rest of it is blown away. But within two minutes of arriving onsite and being greeted by our London team, I found myself joining in on some longstanding British rituals that only our funky UK office could pull off.







If you find yourself parched on a Thursday afternoon, don’t despair. Our Promise Communispace London office lobby has a bar which gives out free beer after 5:30pm on Thursdays, and free tea every day of the week.

The queen makes occasional appearances, as well. Some senior officers seem especially fond of a wall calendar that features her likeness rather prominently.






















The Carpenters Arms pub — just across the street — serves as the local office’s “remote outpost”. For a bit of inspiration, one might find some CORE members hanging out there every so often.

However, Cspace London isn’t all about socializing. A lot goes on behind the scenes when two great companies come together to make something even better than before. Beril Kaya, Community Manager Level 2, had this to say about the new Promise Communispace shared space: “The place is amazing. It’s just so fun. We have so many more people to interact with, to have lunch with, to share with, to learn from … The vibe in the office is completely different now. It feels like we’re a step closer to being like the Boston office! You should totally come over. We’ve got a great fridge (laughs) … but really, a great breakout room and a fantastic team.”

Catalina Rössle, Community Manager Level 1, shares Beril’s excitement. “It’s very exciting to be in this new space with our Promise colleagues. We’re all still adapting a little bit and getting to know each other and it’s challenging — but challenging in a good way. We’re all excited about the way we are going to work together in the future.” Here at Communispace Boston, we feel the same way.

During my visit, I was given a tour of our entire new space (in the same building as TBWA). Flags of many countries stand tall atop each proud employee’s computer screen. We are a diverse group, we Cspacers — and our diversity continues to amplify as more staff members from around the world join our forces. From Spanish speakers to Chinese in-language communities to employees based in Mexico, Sydney and beyond, Communispace is international and our new London office is no exception. I found myself chatting with dozens of incredibly talented, bright and well-dressed co-workers (Londoners have some serious style!) during my short office flyby. But, of course, no visit to London would be complete without grabbing a cup of tea with some of my peers and swapping notes on best practices for community management, team dynamics and Communispace culture initiatives.

When I was leaving the office, a WebEx presentation was just wrapping up in the lounge, streamed live from Boston. London Cspacers intently took notes about some of the latest cutting-edge research tools being developed in Boston for our clients. Although 3,000-plus miles and many cups of tea, Underground stations and alluring accents may separate Boston from London, in reality, the world is not as vast as it used to be. As I said goodbye, it was clear to me that with our expanded reach in the UK and a consolidated Promise Communispace team on the ground in London now, a whole new era is emerging for our clients in Europe. I, for one, simply can’t wait to be a part of where we are headed.

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