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Treme-ndously Guilty

Okay, let’s just get this out of the way:  I’m not delusional.  Here are the facts:  In April 2009, I made a strong request (in this very blog) for more television programming like HBO’s The Wire.  In April 2010, HBO, David Simon and other members of The Wire’s team, premiered Treme.  Coincidence?  Unlikely.

This unambiguously causal relationship has left me with a nagging sense of responsibility:  TREME WAS MY REQUEST AND I COULDN’T MAKE IT PAST EPISODE 5.  I’m a disappointment to myself.  Go ahead.  Judge me.

The show started off so strong.  It had all the hallmarks of Simon’s work: (1) location as a main character; (2) the people, dialogue and situations were brutally authentic; (3) the connections among characters were tenuous, but clearly promising; and (4) it was gorgeous to look at.  Truth be told, I was almost in tears at the end of Episode 1.  I had a David Simon show again; my life would return to its natural order (that is to say, I would be obsessed with “good television” once again).  Additionally, and this can’t be overstated, Elvis Costello was in the first episode.  I’d watch Elvis Costello read the phone book.  (And for the amount I’ve paid for his concert tickets over the years, he should offer to do it for me.  Another topic for another blog.)

And so I watched…

Episode 2:  Not much progress in the plot, but there were promising narrative threads.  I just had to wait for Simon to pull them.

Episode 3:  Not much progress.  Just pull the thread, David.  Pull it!

Episode 4:  Pull the stinking thread!  Give me something.  Please.  Just hint at a narrative arc.

Episode 5:  Seriously?  Where is this going?  Jazz is important. I get it.  Sheesh.

Episode 6:  Didn’t watch it.  I just stopped caring.

I turn to you now, readers.  Did anyone stick with Treme?  If so, please make an argument for me to go back and pick it up On Demand.  After all, I MADE this happen.  I should see it through, right?

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