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Tweeting Mad Men

One thing I like to do for fun is watch TV. It’s a great way to decompress and distract myself for an hour or two and like many people, I’m a huge “Mad Men” fan. The costumes, the characters and let’s not forget the ads! I love being transported to the 1960s and seeing the creative process unfold.

What I find most interesting, though, is the character development. This season is by far the best when it comes to getting to know Don, Peggy, Joan and the rest of the crew. Each week, I eagerly turn on the TV looking forward to any nugget of information the writers will divulge.

But recently something happened that I wasn’t expecting … I found @_DonDraper on Twitter. Was it him? Was it *really* him? It couldn’t be?! How was he tweeting? Via typewriter? Typewriters can’t do that … can they? (Just kidding, I may be a millennial, but I know better …) I was curious, so I started to follow Don and then to my surprise he started to follow me … then so did @TheJoanHolloway (she totally saunters onto my Twitter feed), then @_bertcooper (I almost expected him to tell me to take off my shoes at work) and before I knew it, I was being followed by Mad Men.

Naturally I had to follow them back to find out if it was really them … and man oh man do they tweet. They tweet about everything from accounts to justifying their behavior to tweeting fans and sometimes, I kid you not, they even tweet @VendingMachSCDP — the vending machine!

As much as I love “Mad Men,” I find myself getting annoyed that my beloved characters from the 1960s have flung themselves into the modern digital space by continuing the conversation beyond Sunday night’s episode. I certainly understand the importance of a social media strategy, but is it so important to have one for characters who supposedly existed 50 years ago? Maybe I’m just being no fun …

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