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Up, Up and Away: The Future in the Air

Decade after decade, air travel has been perceived as glamorous and futuristic. Today, let’s consider how technologies are influencing the future of air travel, the tools necessary for differentiation, and what disruption means for an industry steeped in tradition.

How will airlines leverage emerging technologies to create experiences around the needs of their travelers?

Technology is Propelling the Travel Industry into a Jetsons-like Future, Forbes

AirBnb is the world largest hotel chain, and they own no property. How are B2B and pocket-sized technologies completely altering the landscape of travel?

Airlines, like Coffee, are more than a Commodity, Skift

Many of us claim we choose our flights based on the price. But, if price were the only factor, everyone would fly with Spirit. Airlines are slowly making the leap from utility to experience, with the help of a myriad of differentiating factors.

All You Can Fly, for a Monthly Subscription, New York Times

Disruption isn’t just for cabs and hotels. Now, private chartered jet services are widely available to members who pay monthly or yearly fees. While this service is limited to a select few, it begs the question of whether the way we book travel is facing a big change.

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