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Use Only As Directed

Mr. Rogers rarely ran right into the Land Of Make-Believe – the man had a method for preparing for play post-work. The strategy started with singing during a sweater-for-coat exchange and shunning shoes for sneakers, ultimately culminating in calm. It wasn’t magic; his ‘routine of relaxation’ was powered by simple, everyday items.

Moving beyond the Land Of Make-Believe, in the realm of reality lives my neighbor, Laura D; like the aforementioned master of puppets, she switches gears as soon as she walks through the door. “The House Sweater” is hefted off a hanger as part of a methodical, meditative moment; cotton provides the call to let go of the day.

Does the sweater’s service as a cathartic catalyst stand out on the tag? Naturally, no. Laura D’s fuzzy friend was never advertised by Anthropologie as a ‘House Sweater’ but a simple sweater can mean something more when steeped in personal value.

People are a peculiar sort, each with his or her own style. Take for example Laura D’s husband’s version of the ‘put your feet up’ principle, which involves a bear-skin rug and a bare bum. Despite the different direction, duds off rather than on, his striptease still stands for something – and the rug is part of his repose.

My ‘melting moment’ involves a delivery of an indestructible chew toy, compliments of my canine, Izzy. Creators of the ‘Blue Cow’ could never have known a stuffed animal would attain such a vaunted value – and that’s for me, not my dog.

 A ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to market research among the masses may miss the intricacies of intent and actual use. From sweaters that stop the day to the socks that served as Mr. Rogers’ puppets, stuff is always best when used as undirected.

For those of you new to our Friday fun, we have a tradition of turning a track up to help your week wind down – enjoy!

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