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verbatim 2.0

Fall is the time for change. People’s schedules, wardrobes; even the leaves go through an evolution, and here at Communispace, we are all about embracing that idea. We recently kicked off the fall (OK, OK…late summer) with our fabulous new website. (If you haven’t checked it out yet, I strongly suggest that you do.) And now, we’re proud to announce our latest pet project—verbatim 2.0.

We’ve been live for over a year-and-a-half and felt it was time for a refresh…facelift…revamp of everything from the look and feel (coming later this fall) to the content and core group of contributors. So, allow me to introduce you to verbatim, part deux:

We have a new group of bloggers (with some of your old faves sprinkled in there too) who will begin to be introduced next week. Everyone’s expertise falls within our new posting strategy, which includes having “themed” days (Social Media Mondays, Business Insight Wednesdays, Research Thursdays and Fun Fridays). Please meet our new team:

If you wish, take the time to read a bit about them, learn what makes them *rockstars* and make sure you stay tuned in the coming weeks for their verbatim debuts. Of course, we know you will miss some of our previous bloggers (including Renee Piazza, Rocky Prozeller, Karen Barone, Mike Jennings, Jen Maltby and Jack Cahill) but don’t worry! They will be making cameo appearances from time to time.

So, in the spirit of fall, I hope you embrace this new phase of Communispace blogging with us. And, if you haven’t done so already, take a look to the right and keep the conversation going by subscribing. Because, there is no other way to kick off your Monday…or Wednesday…or Thursday…or Friday…with a little bit of verbatim.

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