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Watch and Learn: How to Make the Most Out of Online Communities

Charlotte Burgess is Business Development Director and co-author of Customer Inside, and Laurent Manes-Murphy is a Consultant in her team at C Space.

Earlier this year, we published Customer Inside: A practitioners’ guide to online insight communities and how to make the most of them, a report that talks about the amazing insight we can get from online communities and the best way to get it.

Here at C Space, we know how great online communities are for getting actionable insights. But that doesn’t mean we can just flick a switch and wait for all the lovely data to come pouring in. Communities are about people, relationships and emotions, and we complex creatures don’t just give up our ideas, thoughts and dreams in an online survey — it’s too abrupt, with no human connection. So how you interact with communities really makes a difference to the quality of insight; what you put in is what you get out. That’s why we know our people need the right expertise and real empathy to get the best insight to properly advise businesses on how they can relate to their customers.

In the video below, two stars of our London office, Charlotte and Laurent, partnered with the World Federation of Advertisers to present the findings of the report in an interactive webinar. In it they explain the online community whats, whys and, more importantly, hows.

Watch the full video and learn how to:

– Drive stakeholder engagement around community programmes
– Boost member participation and depth within your communities
– Demonstrate the value of the community to the business
– Shape communities that can steer product and brand innovation


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