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Watch Gen Z Solve for the Future of Mobility

This fall, C Space brought together 30 Gen Z consumers, ages 15-20, along with 23 executives from various industries to better understand how this generation thinks about mobility, and how to make it better. To be clear, when we say “mobility,” we’re defining it as anywhere you go, anything you take with you, and how you get there.

You can watch a video of our day together where you’ll see our impressive group of Gen Zers in action as they formed their thoughts and ideas. And, you can read a report about the day and what we took away from it here.

In all of it, there was a big insight that emerged: this generation wants to generate its own solutions. To use their energy and resources to improve upon, to make better, and use their behavior to create the solution. For example, in nearly all of their designed “solves,” our group of Gen Z’ers focused on what they could do to fix a problem — in this case, related to mobility — rather than what could be done for them. Could they generate more energy to power their phones? Could they share the excess they have with someone else who needed more?

Gen Z looks to itself to question, “Why can’t I?” This question challenges everything: physics, technology, regulation…not as a critique, but as an opportunity to improve, to make better themselves. While individually they might not have the answer, Gen Z looks to each other: “If I don’t have the answer, maybe you do. Maybe we can create it together.”

Gen Z is on the leading edge of change. The decisions and connections they make, and the things they do, will shape our world. It’s an exciting time to be paying attention. And even more exciting to be putting what we learn into action.

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