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Webinar: 4 ways MROCs reveal your customers’ mindsets

In the field of marketing research, there is a simmering debate between those who believe neuroscience-based tools will make self-reporting obsolete, and those who have kept faith with humans’ ability to consciously understand and explain their own actions. But I say: Why choose?

In today’s webinar I propose simple paradigm for a more holistic approach to generating consumer insights that engages both left and right brains—rational and symbolic thinking, cognition and emotion, words and images—and employs both passive and self-reported methodologies. So please check out the webinar below if you’re interested in seeing:

  • A paradigm for engaging consumers’ whole brains in the insight generation process,
  • Illustrations of how private communities like those run by Communispace are uniquely equipped to employ a range of tools and methodologies in an ongoing and rich way;
  • An explanation of the role of community size, intimacy, and facilitation method in engaging not just people’s whole brains, but also their whole-hearted participation.

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