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Welcome to the Communispace Family: A Fresh Promise Perspective

When Promise announced its acquisition by Communispace, I, along with my colleagues, didn’t know what to expect. We knew our company was going to join another family, we knew the global scale and infrastructure would open doors for insight reinvention, and we knew the acquisition would create new opportunities for our clients and our teams.

However, despite knowing this, we didn’t quite know how this impact would begin…

It all subconsciously began on Friday, February 1st. As we cleared our old junk, packed our belongings and made our way to the new office, the excitement of what was ahead of us kicked in. Awed by how Whitfield Street’s entrepreneurial-spirit-meets-Soho office reflected what Promise was about, it became apparent that we were no longer two different companies in the process of an acquisition. Within an instant, we felt at home.

Sealing the deal with its design aesthetic and welcoming, cosmopolitan family made me wonder: how did this move make such an immediate impact and bring two companies together?

Open Space, Co-creative Minds: From the coffee shop-esque lounge areas to the team-orientated seating plans, our new open space provides us with new ways of innovatively co-creating with our colleagues.

Master of Virtual Working: No matter where I am in the world or on what device, I have the same opportunities to attend meetings and contribute to projects based in cities such as Boston, San Francisco or Shanghai, as I would if I were based there. The new infrastructure is so cool, exciting and enabling; the only thing separating us from our colleagues in other countries is the time zone.

Foundation for Achieving Insight and Impact: Having expanded and integrated our insights and consultancy resources, Promise and Communispace are now in a position to offer clients insight and impact.

While our next steps forward on this journey are still to be revealed, one thing we do know is that this is only just the beginning. We can’t wait to see what the company will be once the acquisition process is done. Stay tuned!

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