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What Does Facebook’s New Photo Sharing App Mean for the Facebook Community?

News leaked today that Facebook will soon release a photo sharing app for iOS. The app is being described as a mix of just about every photo sharing app out there. But why will the app be successful? Not because it will be better than any of the apps currently available (Instagram, Hipstamatic, etc.), but simply because it’s a Facebook creation … a Facebook photo creation.

Sure, Facebook is an internet behemoth, but it’s also the largest photo sharing service in existence. There are 6 billion photos uploaded each month to Facebook, and well over 100 billion total. That’s a lot of photos. And Facebook has well over 500 million users. It’s a no-brainer that the majority of those with an iPhone are going to try out the app, and I’d bet a bunch decide to stick with it.

Photo sharing has always been a Facebook specialty—when Facebook launched Photos it was the nail in the coffin for MySpace—and this app could very well do the same to many of the competitors. The thing I’m most curious about is how Facebook will leverage their social graph to really make use of the Facebook community. Will this app bring people closer together over photos, or will it just be a cool add-on to an already extremely social tool?

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