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When Granny Comes Callin’

For many of us, the dawn of the “Information Age” and computer illiteracy are far behind us, like dinosaurs roaming the Earth.  Or even like buying encyclopedias from a door to door salesman (I was told at a young age that I was LUCKY to have my own set, HA!) Although for many Baby Boomers, finding information and products on the Internet is a daunting task.

For instance, my grandmother still refers to the Internet as a person, like a faceless man in a suit with enumerable secrets locked away in a metal suitcase. “Yes, Grandma…I will ask the Internet.” And often I am forced to placate her, while taking a few minutes to play treasure hunter for her – whether it’s paying bills or buying items from the Disney store online, assuring her that you don’t have to go ALL the way to Orlando to get Mickey Mouse socks. They just don’t get it! Meanwhile, I find myself asking, “Why is Grandma suddenly calling to get information from me? What happened to the old ‘how’s work’ question? When did the paradigm shift?” Apparently, I wasn’t the only one with this problem …

Morey Wright, of South Florida opened Netcrossers, a service based firm that helps Seniors navigate the web in a way that’s comfortable, safe and convenient.  For as little as $199 a year, Seniors get unlimited access to a web specialist for search requests. This concierge tool can be used for a variety of things, like finding the perfect earrings, or helping Granny check in to the grocery store on Foursquare.

Ok, that last one was a joke. I don’t need another medium to find out a lady who used the 10 items or fewer line with 12 items (#killme). However, if it will help her get the information she needs without bugging me in the process, I think its value is inherent.

And while I didn’t invent this business, I’m happy Mr. Wright did.

So tell me, is $4 a week worth the price of catering to Granny’s insatiable whim?

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